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About Julie

Dahlia Rowan Memorial Women's Champion
NYC Pinball Championships 2019

When not massaging, Julie can usually be found playing pinball, gardening or on the soccer field. She currently runs a weekly pinball tournament at Speed City Records and participates in the London Ontario Pinball League.

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Julie Dorssers at a Master Gardener's event
Master Gardener Julie

Julie is a Master Gardener with the London Middlesex Master Gardeners. Master gardeners are a group of trained volunteers who provide unbiased horticultural advice and expertise to encourage better gardening practices for people with gardening needs or interests.

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London Spirit League Champions 2019
London Spirit League Champions 2019
Julie and Shelley in the Galapagos

Julie lives with her common law partner Tim who likes Star Trek, comics and newspapers. They both have traveled to great places but always wind up back at Victor Street.