In Touch

New Clinic Guidelines

The world is different now because of Covid – 19 and getting a massage will be different too.
The goal is to keep you safe, keep myself safe and make you feel safe.
The clinic is freshly painted, carpets and blinds all got a good deep cleaning, it feels like new.
I am going paperless. That means all forms will be filled out on a tablet or iPad which will be disinfected after every use. All information is still confidential and stored securely. Please add to your email address book so it doesn’t got to spam.
You will be able to get notifications by email or text messages for upcoming appointments.

Due to backlog and extra time needed between appointments, I currently cannot accept any new clients.

Entering the clinic:
Everyone will be screened before every appointment. If you have any symptoms, I will not be able to treat you.
Step 1 – There will be a notice at the clinic entrance. If you answer all the questions “no” please call the number on the door to be let in. I will open the door for you so you do not have to touch any surfaces.
Step 2 – Please wash your hands upon entering. There are new individual towels for you to use. There is a basket on the right to drop it into.

Step 3 – I will be taking your temperature and checking oxygen levels to ensure you are healthy
Step 4 – I will be wearing a mask. I will provide you a mask if you do not have one.
Step 5 – Go straight to the clinic room. All surfaces have been disinfected to ensure your safety
Step 6 – I will ask you how you are feeling and what treatment will be focused on.
Step 7 – I will shut the room door for you and allow you to get onto the table.
Step 8 – While you are getting on the table, I will be washing my hands up to my elbows for at least 20 seconds (I sing the Star Trek Theme song).
Step 9 – You get a great massage!
Step 10 – There will be no table warmer, or ultrasound gel warming for the time being. If you want a blanket you will need to let me know so I can provide one.
Step 11 – Once the massage is complete, please use a tissue to open the door.
Step 12 – I will be disinfecting my point of sale machine so there is no need to fear. There is also hand sanitizer available to use.
Step 13 – Please rebook your next appointment before you leave.
Step 14 – I will open the door for you to exit so you don’t have to touch the handle.
Step 15 – There will be extra time between appointments so that I can disinfect the clinic. Clinic table, stool, chair, oil bottle, handles, entrance desk, bathroom will all be disinfected before and after each client. I am keeping a checklist log to ensure nothing is amiss.
Step 16 – I have a separate visitor log which is confidential but would be shared for contact tracing purposes.

These measures are for my safety, your safety and to make you feel safe.
Rory has missed you and will gladly greet you.